The sites below can all be used to create cool and exciting text or logos for your portfolio or website.


  • One of the first, best, and free text/logo generators out there.
  • Easy to use and very high quality graphics.
  • Create an account to get the HTML code, but can download too.


Flaming Text

  • Use the menu on the right under "Headers" to peruse the different types of graphics available - not all flaming!
  • Lots of options for specific customization.
  • Easy to save and upload to your favorite "container".



  • Experiment with the different animations and glow levels to attain different effects.
  • Visit the links on the right to find even more graphic and text-creation sites.



  • Sparkling Graphics!!
  • Experiment with the different fonts - there are quite a few!
  • Go into the HTML code and delete the advertisement at the end - just find the <a href= and delete from there to the end.

glitter logo - http://www.sparklee.com

Spell with Flickr

  • This program finds letters in Flickr (photo sharing site) and makes whatever words you want.
  • Keep clicking the letters to change them to the ones you like best.
  • Use the embed code or simply take a screen shot to get this into your web page.
  • Do multiple words separately so you have more control with where they will go on the page.



  • Type in your text, choose your font, size, color, and voila - a logo!
  • Very simple to use.
  • Can either download or get embed code to put on your web page.


  • Create stunning images from words you input, either by typing, pasting, or direct URL.
  • The more times the word appears, the bigger it will be.
  • Word phrases will be separated unless you use a character to tie them together (ex: PerkUp instead of Perk Up)
  • Be careful of what is in the "gallery", as this is not a moderated site. Send students straight to http://wordle.net/create
  • Take a screen shot to save the Wordle.

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