cooltext429011963.pngUse the sites below to store and obtain video to embed in your website.


  • No accounts needed.
  • Access to hundreds of TV shows and movies - old and new.
  • Content not moderated at all, so BE CAREFUL with students!
  • Take clips or whole episodes.
  • Create widgets to share videos from certain shows or movies.


  • No accounts needed unless you want to upload your own videos.
  • More "school friendly" than YouTube.
  • Mostly videos created by teachers and students.
  • Browse by category or search.


  • No accounts needed unless you want to upload your own videos.
  • More "school friendly" than YouTube.
  • Videos are sometimes supplemented with documents, pdfs, lesson plans, etc.
  • Beware - this site is sometimes SLOW!


  • No accounts needed, but you can create an account to create your own channel.
  • Use your channel to upload, create playlists, add favorites, and manage friends.
  • The videos are moderated, but the comments aren't so BE CAREFUL with what you use with students
  • Use QuietTube to eliminate comments and all unwanted distractions.
  • YouTube EDU
  • YouTube for Schools


  • Another YouTube alternative with a lot of videos already shared.
  • No account needed to browse, but an account is needed to upload and share.
  • You can customize the embeddable viewer - colors, size, info the viewer sees, etc
  • You can password protect your videos, so use with younger students is better than with YouTube.

iste-presentation from Will Richardson on Vimeo.

Watch Know Learn

  • Free educational videos, organized.
  • Create an account to upload your own videos, but no account is needed to browse.
  • Browse by category, age, grade, etc or use the search engine to find videos.
  • Ideal for use with students trying to find videos for their projects.
  • Links out to other video sites, so no embed code is listed directly on this site.
  • Follow the video to the original site to obtain the embed code.

Other Sites

  • - Live streaming video from webcams. Create your own channel or view and embed others.
  • - Create your own video channel or browse others.
  • - Create our own video channel or browse others.
  • Discovery Education Streaming - A subscription-based site, but chocked full over over 170,000 resources!

Even more video resources...

Video Resources
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