This page was used at a 6-hour Hands-On Workshopat the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, August 2015


  • Introductions & Agenda
  • Warm-Up Activity
  • Video
  • Overview of Web 2.0 Tools
  • Collaborative Exploration
  • Lunch
  • Reporting Back
  • Experimentation & Creation
  • Group Sharing & Reflection
  • Wrap-Up

Warm-Up Activity

What are your favorite web tools and resources to use with students?



Google Doc

This Google Doc will serve as a place to compile additional resources, tools, apps that are not contained within this wiki. As we go through today's workshop, please add what you know!

Resource/Project Sharing

Add the link to your creations to the Padlet below!

Workshop Evaluation

Thank you for attending today's workshop! Please take a few minutes to give me some feedback about the day. You can fill out the form below or click HERE to open the evaluation in a new window.

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