Use the sites below to create comics that can be embedded or inserted into your website.

Make Beliefs Comix


  • Accounts needed, email verification required for normal free account.
  • Pixton for schools - can create student accounts (fee).
  • Can choose from pre-set templates or create your own scenes.
  • Completely packed with features and customization. You truly can create a unique comic with all the details you desire.
  • Free to use or pay for enhanced features in the education version.
  • Can embed in a few different ways, including horizontal or vertical.
  • Pixton for Schools Overview

  • Accounts needed.
  • Easy drag and drop building and click-to-change features.
  • A large variety of characters, backgrounds, props, clip art, etc.
  • Can create characters to save for multiple comics.
  • Embed as Flash or HTML - either will usually work.
  • More about ToonDoo

Mrs. Browns Class

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