Use the tools below to create online persona that do the talking for you.


  • Add your voice, songs, or sound bites to photos with a mouth that you virtually "cut out".
  • Record from your computer, phone, or upload previously-recorded audio.
  • VERY easy to use.
  • Accounts needed to save and store Blabbers, but not to create.

Blabberize Tutorial

Blabberize Example


  • Create and customize your avatar using an extensive variety of characters, clothing, props and backgrounds.
  • Fine tune your avatar's features such as eye color, face shape, nose shape, skin color, and so forth.
  • Record your own voice or type in the text you'd like it to read in a variety of different accents and languages.
  • Account needed.
  • Voki Tutorial Handout
  • Voki Classroom
  • Voki Teacher's Corner
  • Voki Lesson Plan Database

How to Create a Voki

Watch on TeacherTube
Voki Example


Intro Video

Educational Example


  • Create an animated cartoon video using a variety of characters, props and voices.
  • Customize your characters with different hair styles, colors, eye style, clothing, and more.
  • Choose backgrounds and props to liven up your scenes.
  • Lesson library available for several different subjects: Languages, Math, Science, Literature, History, Technology
  • Text-to-voice or record your own voice with a microphone.
  • Very easy to use!
  • No longer free :(
  • GoAnimate Tutorial
  • GoAnimate Video Tutorials

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